Inspirational and captivating keynote speaking and performances

Derrius handcrafts every keynote speech he delivers to uniquely engage every audience and move people to change their world. His storytelling, trainings, and performances have graced stages on four continents and been commissioned by diverse institutions from Harvard University to Carnegie Science Center.

The Power of Mentoring For Youth Navigating Trauma

Navigating the many traps of over 14 years of foster care and economic poverty was nothing short of a miracle for Derrius. His story of triumph is impossible without a web of support from teachers, coaches, and mentors who sparked a fire in his mind and soul.

Economic Racism & How BREAUX Capital Is Engaging Black Men In Financial Wellness

Black Men are one of the most financially insecure populations in America, experiencing some of the highest rates of unemployment and barriers to education. BREAUX Capital is exploring how we might leverage technology to advance the financial health for this often-overlooked group.

Reflections of a Fostered Child

Navigating the many traps of over 14 years of foster care and economic poverty was nothing short of a miracle for Derrius. This is the journey from becoming an orphan to challenging unjust systems and inspiring younger generations as an entrepreneur, author, and creative.

The Million Dollar Scholar
State of Mind

The most important part of any student’s scholarship application is not the materials they submit to judges, but rather the mindset they have BEFORE completing the application. The sooner students understand this, the sooner they will be on their way to scholarship success, and in many ways success beyond scholarships.

The Secret To Winning Scholarship Applications

Providing young adults with a foundation of skills and knowledge to assist them in gain scholarships and grants to pay for college and avoid student debt. This includes identifying the most important components that scholarship judges look for in scholarship applications and listing the resources where national and local scholarships can be found.


“Derrius Is That Dude…he stayed behind after his session with us to talk to all the students who wanted one-on-one time.” – Jeremy, Student from New York City

“I’m glad our school brought Derrius in to speak to my class, we needed it and he wasn’t like any of those boring old speakers” – Ashley, Administrator from Chicago, IL